Interactive Biomedical Data Science App

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Last summer, with The Department for Biostatistics and Medical Informatics at the University of Wisconsin I did a research program in Biomedical Data Science. There, I studied large quantity of data on the effects of lingual exercise on the oropharyngeal swallow and dysphagia. With over 1000 observations and over 20 variables, the overwhelming data was often very dense, complicated, and hard to understand. During my time there, I made an interactive web application with "Shiny" and "RStudio" that allowed for easier visualization and understanding of the data. The app allows for more versatility in duration parameters, observing changes in durations over time, and helps find unusual observations. This allowed for a more comprehensive exploration of the data. In short, the application allows you to change the parameters and variables so that you can see the parts of the data that you want, without the rest.

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